We are constantly growing and expanding our international network, taking advantage of the great potential of a network that branches into the main international markets: the ELVIA SWISS INSURANCE professional team has the necessary background to meet the planning needs of our customers, wherever they are.

The advantages of Private Life Insurance for Swiss customers

Maximum confidentiality
Succession planning:
Simple and confidential transfer of wealth between generations.
Selection of beneficiaries:
The contracting party is fully entitled to designate or revoke beneficiaries during the life of the contract, while maintaining full control of his assets.
Asset Protection
Investment flexibility
Fiscal advantages
Inheritance and gift taxes:
In the event of death of the life assured, the beneficiary is not subject to inheritance tax.
Capital Gains Tax Deferral:
Payment is deferred until redemption, achieving the financial advantage of gross roll-up.
Tax returns:
The subscriber is not required to complete part RW of the declaration if a resident intermediary manages the eventual surrender of the policy.
The policy may be offered as security for a loan.

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